Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Professional Silverlight 4 - Book Review

ok, truth be known I helped write this book (a small part) and so I won't comment on the part that I did. but still it is pretty awesome, fine maybe the architecture section was light but WROX is about great references. I have bought just about every wrox book for he past 10 years and not just because the colors match. Very few people buy a wrox book to learn a technology and why I was so interested in this book or any wrox title is just for being the reference. Some people say that google (or bing, pick your poisen) but I like the feel and tacktile experience of a book and wrox is a must have and since I'm a professional Silverlight guy...

Like most Silverlight books it has been targeted to a specific version but WROX has done a great job of updating the professional series for each version and this is the latest. As anyone in the industry knows you cant be consider a professional without a WROX title on your shelf for the topic you work on so if you are a real Silverlight dev then you must have this book. in my opinion.


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