Friday, October 1, 2010

9 Speaking Engagements in the space of 5 weeks... about Silverlight

I think my head will explode or I'll get pretty good at it :) but here is my speaking engagements over the next four weeks oh and this is getting off from presenting at the big IxDA/Interact event 2 weeks ago...

* Windows Phone 7 Unleashed in Bellevue on Oct 07th on Phone 7 User Experience

* Windows Phone 7 Unleashed in Redmond on Oct 14th on Phone 7 User Experience

* Windows Phone 7 Unleashed in Boise on Oct 25th session 4 on Phone 7 User Experience and Session 2

* SilverlightConnections/DevConnections - Going from Silverlight to Phone 7

* SilverlightConnections/DevConnections - Multi Dos and Don’t touches

* SilverlightConnection/DevConnections - Breaking Down Walls

* Mediations on Xaml Zen - Corporate Xaml Workshop for Wirestone
(private workshop by invitation Only in Boise Oct 26th)

* SilverlightConnection/DevConnections - Metro for Developers on Windows Phone 7

* SilverlightConnection/DevConnections - Windows Phone 7 Application Performance Optimization

I'm wondering if this means I'm a professional yet? :)

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