Thursday, March 29, 2012

Windows Phone 7 Development Using Visual Studio 2010

with David Kelley and AppDev

Windows Phone 7 is a new step for Microsoft for the mobile platform. This course will introduce the mobile OS and how easy it is to use the.NET knowledge to create applications. The course will cover many introductory aspects of developing applications for the Windows Phone 7. For instance how XAML is used for applications and GUI designs. Also the course will cover many other aspects including controls, user input and forms, working with data, layout and Metro Controls. The course will also cover phone resources such as the Camera, GPS and many other items. To wrap up the course, the publishing the application to the marketplace and hosting of advertisements are covered.

In this course, you will learn:

* How to debug a phone application using an emulator
* About the PhoneApplicationPage and the PhoneApplicationFrame
* How layout controls are used including Grid, Canvas and Stackpanel
* Metro Basics and Phone Metro Controls
* About TextBlock, TextBox and other Form Controls
* What is touch eventing and working with events
* How MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) works and learn how to use an asynchronous service in MVVM
* About lifecycle/tombstoning events including launching, deactivated and others
* Using media (Sound and Video) with the MediaElements and XNA Sound API's
* How to work with Bing Map Controls and Geolocation (GPS) Services

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