Monday, April 5, 2010

Hacking Windows 7 Phone

So here is the Hack of the Week. For those who have had their heads in the closet and haven't heard Microsoft is coming out with this Windows Phone 7 - the mythical vapor ware for a number of years now has been made public. Like many Silverlight geeks especially we are estatic as this phone now public will run Silverlight as the primary way to develop applications for it. On the downside if you installed the developer kit, the VM for the phone lacks pretty much... um... everything... no sensors, (how can we do anything cool without sensors), no apps , not settings no nowthing except the Internet explorer and apps we write as long as they don't need sensor access. At least give us some proxies or fake data etc. But for now we are on our own.

Some people counldn't live with that and they hacked the vms. So one such example is Dan Ciprian from Italy and here is his two posts. I can attest to say that this seems to work as I have seen in live work, not that I my self would do such a thing and I can neither confirm nor deny that I did any such thing but Here are links to his posts on topic.

I was also aghast to see that one one greated a copy of the hacked VM and posted it here:

which will get you a running version of the emulator unlocked in you follow these directions...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video From PDC 2009

Found this video this morning with me and Victor Gaudioso talking about UX and Silverlight.