Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration

My first response to this is just say no. But, my personal biases against sharepoint aside, alot of people need to work with Sharepoint including myself in the past so with some trepidation I agreed to review the book 'Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration' by Gaston Hillar. I don't know if I know Gaston personally but the fact I don't recall means if I have meet him and one of a zillion conferences it we never touched base outside of that. One thing I have noticed with packt books is that there seems to be less talking and more samples which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned and this book is no different. The chapters are broken out in detail covering related topics from just creating a web part in sharepoint (which if you have never done it before is a pain and having it well documented in a book is great) to WCF, RIA, Rich Media and all the points in between. The book isn't thick and short on words but as mentioned lots of examples which is what is important to me. I know many years ago when I learned classic ASP the book was lots of reading and I found over the years that it is more important to have samples you can follow along and a book that can be used as a reference with which this book has fallen into the catagory of books I'll keep just in case I have todo any sharepoint work again (which I'm less then fond of). I know I know some people like the google or even the bing but its nice to have it in print and for us old timers it is sooo much easier to read in print. In any case if you must do sharepoint, user Silverlight and build something hot but use this book to help get it in Sharepoint fast and spend more time doing something else :)


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