Friday, November 21, 2008

Silverlight 2 Architecture and CodeCamp

So I was going todo a couple of sessions recently at a seattle local even called codecamp. I had a family related complication and was not able to attend (I did let the organizers know BEFORE it started, so don't go harping on me for doing it at the last moment).

Anyway one guy emailed me about getting that content available. of course this stuff will be in my book and I'm doing the presentations at DevTeach etc. but up front I'd like to point out a few things that might help get people going in the right direction.

So from a design pattern stand point the entire discussion frequently has more in comon with Hell Fire and brime stone religous discussions then real logical 'Useful' disuccusions that are actually helpful. It really is all kind of esoteric mumbo jumbo at some level.

In an effort not to get sucked into a religous war I'm going to go WAYYYY out of a limb and say the best design pattern is in fact MVP (model view presentor) as discribed in the following posts by others:

Phil Haack
Tim Ross

There are several ways todo it and I'm not even saying that this one is correct just it happens to be my choice for no other reason then it helps get back to some nice old CS101 ideas like 'gasp' OBJECT ORIENTED or Encapsulation sorts of things.

my code behinds are simple may data model objects are clean and my Xaml is Zen with the universe.

lets just say for the sake of moving foward that I'm going with the MVP design pattern as my prescribed method. Alot of what you do on top of that is more or less common sense. Follow stand coding conventions as they apply, following Preformance best practices where they apply, and most of all consistency.

do it, all do it and do it the same...

I really don't care which way but really I should never be able to tell who did and I should seem lots of oh yea that is logical and is the best way.

really thats is the bottom line. More to come as I work out a detailed talk track for the SLV421 presentation in case I want to give it to say my friend John todo the same presentation at another conference... ;)