Monday, November 17, 2008

CodeMash and DevTeach

Hm... I'm thinking I need to get my outline finished today for DevTeach. I'm exicted about both of these conferences. DevTeach I'm doing 3 sessions as planned but I found out today that I'm also doing a session at CodeMash this year.

DevTeach is giving a bunch of cool stuff to attendee's and I'm planning on having lots of swag to give out too. Now also at Codemash I get todo the same thing. Codemash is in Ohio at this cool resort and I'm doing a presentation on Silverlight 2 Arctectural Best Practices which will probably include some great 'Anti-Patterns' with the ubber Silverlight app Crossfader. If you can come check it out. :)

and of

both awesome conferences. :)