Friday, November 7, 2008

Crossfader Goes Live

Crossfader is the largest most complicated Silverlight application to date. After a years work finaly is live. Yesterday afternoon in secret the url was changed to point to the real application. most of the dev team spent all day playing with it. Dan the business owner and Darak (Editor In Chief) are working on closing all the artist deals so hopefully all the music content will get all the real artist content loaded over the next few weeks.

As to Silverlight I went through the application and counted 54 distinct screens, dialogs and views currently in the system. Some of these are amagalmations but remember the whole things is one xap. I'm impressed it runs. :) 10 years ago a web application like this even if it wasn't all together was more likely then not going to lock up your computer. Crossfader certainly is next gen stuff and about the experience. Remember this is still just a beta but facebook will have some catching up todo :)