Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Silverlight MIX Announcement(s)

In the keynote today Scott G annouced SL 2. is publicly available. very cool. my favorite part whas how much they showed our Entertainment Tonight work in Silverlight. among my favorite features annouced include (I will skip all the new bits Scott put out on his blog last week):

* support for Silverlight on MAC, Windows, Linux and Mobile devices
* improved preformance especially dynamic adaptive streaming and bit rate throttling, including IIS features to support to provide bit rate throttling.
* Silverlight Add templates in visual studio
* Burning Silverlight right into video using ecoder 2
* Multi-language including Silverlight in Python
* Rich WPF UI framework (layout, databinding, skinning and styling system)
* Robust networking (post, SOAP, WCF, sockets etc.)
* LINQ and Databinding
* Local Store and cache between browser sessions
* Controls include: data grids, list box, sliders, radios, buttons calender and date picker controls, checkboxs etc.
* all controls are being shipped with open source license.
* test framework for silveright.
* control templating stucture including the abilty to change animations, and restructure the visual tree
* full intellisense and design experience in VS
* DeepZoom.... formerly Silverdragon formerly SeaDragon taking smut to the next level allowing arbitrary zooming to any resolution smoothly.
* Silverlight Sharepoint bits to make it easier to put silverlight web parts in sharepoint

SeaDragon (DeepZoom) really is cool with the 2billion pixel size images... :)

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