Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MIX 08 - Silverlight - Wish you were here...

Ah MIX... its finally here. Hmm... we will see what kind of coolness comes out of mix. The conference starts wed and since it is sooo late that I got back to my room in the Venetian that it actually starts later today. Anyway I digress. Even though the conference started I have learned alot. I spoke with Laurence (another author of the MS press book Silverlight 1.0) about publishers and our up coming books and the like. Plus there was the Silverligth Insiders 'meeting' such that it was at the V Bar. We can to meet some of the guys we didn't know and talk with some of the guys we did. Adam has blue hair and we will see how the rest goes but we still can't talk about too much. Also Nokia annouced that their phones will support Silveright so i think it is safe to extrapolate that MS is going to get it on windows CE. Oh plus the plane ride up... well I guess I have to save the good stuff for after the key note.

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