Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Silverlight and JSON

ok, so I've posted about JSON in sidebar gadgets before and using Silverlight... when it comes to JSON (in vista side bar gadgets) just say no. at least directly, there are soooo many issues with this that it is unbelievable not to mention I'm running on a 64bit box that shouldn't even run silverlight to begin with the issues are not even consistent across different variations of vista and silverlight... really this is killing me. I found that it is eaiser to just make xml calls which is what I normalled used todo before some one came up with this brillant JSON thing... not that it is a real protocol and all but it is slick, anyway don't use JSON directly in a side bar gadget especially with Silverlight.

That being said, there are a number of ways doing old fashioned xml posting to get what you need and you can just parse and do the old fashioned xml thing and if your extra Industrious or need to write out something and the JSON eval thing solves some problems for you (namely less work) then add some begin and end tags and a nice CDATA section and your good...

But if you find a pratical way todo this let me know (JSON, sidebar gadget, vista, silverlight...), I'd love to see a code sample.


  1. JSON is as real a protocol as anything. At least it works on platforms that aren't Microsoft.

    There are thousands of pages of "standards" documentation for WS_ this and WS_ that but try connecting to them from any non-Windows platform to see how standard they really are.

    SOAP's a nice idea, but it's held back the development of web services for at least two years.

  2. I guess for me a protocol has to be more complicated but to take javascript object eval stuff and call it a protocol is a bit much to me. SOAP is infact pushing it in my opinion. HTML or xslt etc since it has a complete dtd structure or schema would be a real protocol in my mind. a protocol should have rules that cover all the cases and be complicated.


    That being said I can agree that alot of this stuff is being held back with so many 'documented' standards they really become marginalized I think as well. With all this the standard then becomes what most users (weither they are humans or computers etc) actually use in the real world. Since my world starts and ends with the borders of the microsoft campus I'm probably not the best one to comment on 'standards' but it seems to be that alot of the stuff coming out of not just MS but other companies as well are the taking of a prefectly good 'tricks' like JSON and SOAP and building all this wizbang stuff around it and saying they invented something new and ship it when its really just repackaging so they can rehash old news like AJAX... This sort of thing has been around for 10 years +. none of it is 'ground' breaking like a lot of poeple seem to think.