Saturday, January 19, 2008

Uploading/Hosting Encoder Output and other Silverlight Apps into Silverlight Streaming

Now that we have a streaming account and we created our content with Expression Encoder now lets get it hosted. First we need to find the output which generally is under your documents folder then ‘Expression/Output/’ you will need to remove the .csprog, and .html files and the Silverlight.js and then create a manifest.xml file. With the default your manifest.xml file should look like this:

<SilverlightApp> <version>1.0</version> <loadFunction>StartWithParent</loadFunction> <jsOrder> <js>MicrosoftAjax.js</js> <js>BasePlayer.js</js> <js>PlayerStrings.js</js> <js>player.js</js> <js>StartPlayer.js</js> </jsOrder></SilverlightApp>

Now combine this into a zip at the root of the zip and not in a directory. Once you do that log into the Silverlight streaming site and click ‘Manage Application’ and then click ‘Upload a Silverlight Application’.

Give the application and name and browse to your zip. If anything is missing such as a manifest.xml or you have left the html file or something in the file you will get an error.

This window gives you all the information you need to actually link to your uploaded Silverlight Streaming hosted application.

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