Monday, January 14, 2008

Sidebar Gadgets and Email

here is an interesting thing I ran into when emailing a sidebar gadget as a gadget file... it seems that some email systems will go into the compiled gadget file and replace all the script files with .txt files and this:

[COMPANY NAME HERE] has removed App.Gadget->App.Gadget.html.js since ithas been found to match the FILE FILTER= unnamed: *.js file filter.

I find if I change the file extention to something like .virus then you can get through email filters much better...


  1. and I thought this might be an isolated issue. it seems the new wizbang version of exchange does this altogether and is not easly changed at least by all the IT people I talked to. In any case I'm really not liking exchange right now and liking the extension .virus more and more as a way to get zip files through these filters. It seems that the experience I had the first time was actually better then default. It seems the default is just to remove all the .js source and hope you don't notice where as the un-named companies version above at least let me know that my code was mucked with. $@!#%$%@# exchange...

  2. Ahh... now the .virus thing stopped working... Exchange is killing me.