Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Extending' Your Phone 7...

So I can't condon hacking phone 7 outside of the context that MS has provided in any case... however it can be done easily enough.

I've found that it is straight forward enough to hack. One thing that has bothered me with the phone was the default accent colors on the phone are lame. for the most part I don't really like any of them. One way to fix it is this app you have to side load, called advanced config. Currently it only works for HTC but does let you test registry hacks on phone 7.

You can get the app (xap) from here

In this case there are a number of cool phone 7 hack apps. but for me having a nice steel gray just makes the phone more zen.

Again I'm not responsible for you mucking up your phone... don't do any of this...

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