Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: Silverlight 4 Business Application Development

I normally don't do book reviews here but this book is kind of cool and what I'm looking for. Silverlight 4 Business Application Development, here is a book that is kind of not so much on the UX side but what stands out about this book is the fact that it is more pictures and code then text especially when compared to a regular book. For me in particular this is awesome as Im more into pictures and code samples. Much like a recipe book this kind of thing is right up my ally so I can focus on making the applications User eXperience cool. That being the case I would recommend it. On the downside the book is from a publisher I haven’t not heard up and the technical editors are more well known in the authors but once getting past that its a good resource to have. You can download a sample chapter here:

and purchase the book on their site:

Silverlight 4 Business Application Development

some of the samples will also show up the the HackingSilverlight Code Browser:

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