Monday, March 22, 2010

Searchability and Indexability in Silverlight Sites

I got a question from a friend last week that I thought would be a great question to post the answer to about Searchability and Indexability with Silverlight apps. Here is the question,

"I have created a site and I followed the approach something like this : I have created 5 projects for five pages and added the five xap in the main SilverlightProject. and then I have write the code something like this for each menu buttons : HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(new Uri("/Default.aspx",urikind.relative) ;
My question is : Does this help me solving providing the unique url's for search engine optimization ? "

my respone: linking in the xap does not expose those pges to search engines as such but does lay the ground for exposing those pages to the robots/search engines. to expose them to the search engine for indexing the best method is to use the install experience to expose the different elements as links in the html. remember as of late the search engines see nothing inside the xap. specifically they only see the html and a custom install experience provides not only a better user experience to users with out silverlight but that also is what the search engines will see.

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