Thursday, March 18, 2010

MIX 2010 - in 10 seconds...


windows phone 7

Silverlight 4

better ux

lots of parties (MIXer was awesome)

OData (ado v35.5?)

number of problems with conference direction, still coolest of the public ms conferences

did I mention the iphone killer windows phone 7 (aka, Zune Phone, windows mobile 7) and amazingly enough it might actually be some real competition for iphone, ux is awesome (after 4+ freaking years it had better fraking be freaking awesome)

You can get all the videos here

AND Wirestone sponsored it, stole a sign with our Wirestone logo and more parties and friends.

The worst part of MIX was not getting to see everyone I was hoping to. there may have been talk of other things such as azure but they are really that critical and I didn't pay attention...

Did I say windows phone 7 and all its apps are Silverlight and XNA? freaking awesome

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