Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silverlight TV Episode 3: Multi-Touch 101 with Silverlight

John interviews Silverlight MVP David Kelley (thats me) about developing multi-touch applications in Silverlight. I discuss the types of multi-touch hardware and my experiences in developing real world multi-touch applications. Then I jumps right into the code and shows how to create a multi-touch application with Silverlight 3 or 4! The application David demonstrates walks through the key multi-touch events, handling those events, touch IDs, tracking the location of the touch points, and much more. Being a sly devil, John even got David to commit to coming on the show again and demonstrating some advanced multi-touch samples and sharing his stories of how developers have broken their monitors using multi-touch!

David also calls out props to Tim Heuer and Davide Zordan!

here is a quick post to the SL3 code we used from Tim Heuer

Watch the video here:

this code converts easily to SL4 also here is a quick post more about the UX concepts used in multitouch

also the simon demo that includes multitouch (will have an SL4 version at MIX) that Davide Zordan and I worked on.

also John's post is

watch for more on this topic in the next few months.

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