Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Developers and Designers to play nice... and MIX

For those of you that don't know MIX is the most important Microsoft related conference of the year. Also MIX has decided to have an open call this year for speakers... and the Public gets to vote... in an effort to get my sessions to the top of the list I'm emailing everyone in my contact list to ask your help in voting for my sessions... :)

Here are the steps:

1. Click

2. Click ‘add to ballot’

3. Click ‘Submit Your Ballot’

If you have more time start here:


and then add all 3 sessions and vote them

Please and Thank you. and feel free to get all your friends to vote too…

For those of you that want more information here are the abstracts... normally you just send them to the people organizing a show but this year they are making everyone vote... :( or maybe this is a good thing... I guess it depends on if I get selected... ;)

Here are the 3 topics:

Title: Breaking Down Walls – The Story of Getting designers and developers working together in an Agency Environment

Abstract: Breaking Down Walls is about the wall between designers and developers in the typical design shop. Getting everyone to cross over, communicate and build better UX is where we are going and where many of the best Interactive Design firms are already. When designers and developers learn to communicate, and work together they really start to be able to make the best use of the tools they have from Adobe to Expression to Visual Studio, all these tools can be used in an open collaborative environment like never before. Learn to make magic here or at least learn how it has been done at Wirestone and other agencies that have done it successfully.

Title: Multi Dos and Don’t touches –Multi Touch Development from the trenches

Abstract: David talks about his experience in the retail space with real world multi-touch applications from touch kiosks to Surface and Silverlight. David will talk about the customer experience and how user centered design and multi-touch work in the retail world with ‘live’ customers as well as the perspective of designers, developers, IA and others regarding multi-touch. From stories about developers touching too much and about good ideas gone amuck David gets it all out on the table.

Title: Hacking Silverlight 4

Abstract: From MVVM for Tard’s to hosting Silverlight in WPF and getting around silly security sandbox’s, this session is about pushing the limits of Silverlight and making things easier to do. With a ‘It shouldn’t be that hard’ attitude to development some of the best work in Silverlight can sometimes be a bit of a hack and this session will talk about some of the most useful hacks. From using external hosts, the DOM bridge and even flash; Silverlight can do just about anything given half a chance or a few hacks.

again that link is please vote for me :)

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