Sunday, May 17, 2009

Xaml WCF Binding Type

Just kidding... as of late I am not aware of such a think however, it could be done. I was pooring over the great project in outer darkness I'm working on and Karim sitting near by was talking about using Xaml as Clr Object markup and Xaml Reader. In joking about it came up to use Xaml as and WCF binding type. Eventually we got to a more serouse topic about the limitations of WCF support in Silverlight event Silverlight 3. In any case John Papa's book on data driven services with Silverlight 2 is probably the best resource on the topic as of late and John did quick post recently on Silverlight 3 and bindings supporting in Silverlight 3 which includes binary support which would be made in some 'Xaml' hack :)