Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flex Flash Smack Down and maybe some Silverlight

Last night was the Seattle Designer Developer Interaction Group (user group) meeting. its a user group focused on UX and the designer developer experience. We meet in downtown bellevue. Last night Yoeun Pen was our guest speaker and a did a great presentation on Flex/Flash. Granted we were bolted out of the board room by the local construction cure and we had to play ninja and come up with a venue on the fly but some a miracle (ie, talked to hotel that we have our room booked with normally) we got to use a better room near by (about 100feet). We had a great turn out and a great dicussion on the tools for designers vs the Flex IDE. I was pleased to learn that the designer developer story is better then some of the other technologies we looked at but not as clean as WPF/Silverlight.

Yoeun Pen covered a number of things including:
  • What is Flex?
  • MXML (flash version of Xaml)
  • Flash/Flex 4?
  • Flex SDK
  • Flex Builder
  • Flash vs Flex
  • Components
  • Embedding assets
  • Skinning

and he did a great job contrasting Flash and flex and compairing that with Silverlight/WPF. You can download the powerpoint at:

Yoeun's blog is at:

Hope to see everyone at the next SD2IG about the latest topic related to UX.