Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MIX 09 - the coolest place on earth

its about design stupid. developers that can't get on board right brain thinking will be outsourced.

this I think is a critical trend that we in the tec field need to get that in the modern world it will be about design. I read a book 'A Whole New Mind' and if you take that with the book 'Age of Spiritual Machines' I think you can get a clear picture of what is coming and for us in the tec field it is about the design (just like Bill say's on stage just now at MIX) 'its a good time for design'

So instead of code its about the design or the user experience (UX)

Getting back to MIX and the keynote and any annoucements...

Expression Web (really I have a hard time not having Front Page flash backs) but the super preview is really cool... kind of like an uber frontpage...

There is the new version of ASP.NET, VS 2010, Windows Webapp Gallery, and Bizspark...

Expression Blend 3 is really got some cool new features, including:

* my favororiate is Sketchflow and the sketch flow player... very very cool.
* photoshop and illustrator imports
* behavior stuff is cool and designing with data is much better
* Source Control integration
* XMAL, C# and VB intellisense in blend...

As to Silverlight 3...

* 3d
* better data binding
* running on the desktop support even on the mac...
* GPU Hardware level support
* bitmap and pixel API's Pixel Shader effexcts
* new deepzoom stuff
* deeplinking navigation
* multi-touch support
* New Codecx built in (H.264, AAC, MPEG-4
* Raw Bitstream Audio/Video API for doing things like custom codex support
* and my personal favorate this second is the we have more features now in SL3 and the download is 40k smaller including all the SL2 features for the plug in.