Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrubbing Timeline MediaElement

I wrote this sample of a timeline a year ago in Dec, and some one posted a link saying that the code didn't work. gasp code written against the 1.1 alpha doesn't work against the released v2.0??? oh my, how can that be. Personally I htink the expectation was a bit over the top. Anyway i wipped out the same used in the book and yes I have not tried it in some time but working 18 hours a day on BillG keynotes and other such nonsense kind of does that to you.

anyway I got the code out and walked through it since actually I'm checking all the samples currenty for the final review so I had todo it. In any case I was suprised to find that it works, Yes granted the in the article and post a year ago didn't expressly bind the events but seeing as the audience is developers and this is a blog called 'hacking' silverlight so I'm assuming that most of the readers are trained developers and in fact many are probably smarter then me so I would think they would be able to figure out what it means to add the events. The only other issue I found with the code was in fact when I wrote the article the play and pause methods were abstracted in the original which again was a simple thing but anyway I found the remark mean. and here is the same code recompiled on RTM SL 2.0 and it seems to work: