Friday, October 26, 2007

Silverlight 1.0, JSON and (gasp) PHP

So we are doing this really cool Silverlight app that I'll blog lots about when it goes live but one particular thing that is cool is our use of JSON. One one isues was that we are hosting this on a non microsoft approved web server... gasp (I know, those of you that know me will be in shock, but really when it comes to down to it I follow the money :) In any case so Mark writes this PHP service that takes some xml feed and transforms it to XAML but we also need some meta data so that when added to the application we can dynamically bind our silverlight 1.0 controls to the elements. Mark decided to try added a text area that would not be visible and put the JSON meta data there and poof, one little eval and we have our meta data and our transformed XAML... a little XSLT on the server in PHP and the source XML feed works way cooler then having todo in all clientside in silverlight...

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