Monday, October 29, 2007


so for starters I don't consider my self a 'hacker' in the common sence of the term. I certainly don't go 'hacking' other people's computers. When I say 'Hacking' Silverlight, I don't approve of anything that is not strictly moral or ethical


what I do mean,

more or less,
when working with big silverlight projects,
that at times,

it fills like 'hacking' some of the things we have todo to get things working.

So I don't mean to sanction anything illicite. and 'HackingSilverlight' just sounds cool.

I have this sample on my blog about wiring Silverlight into the browser history. This is an old flash trick and it works pretty good. But from my perspective as a dicplined programmer it is totally a hack. Not that it should not be done or anything its just as a professional we try so hard to do things the right way or the fastest way in the best way possible and are so proud of our cool algorythm or application and take pride in the attention to detail that we tend to be abit agast at solutions like this.

so thats why I say 'HackingSilverlight'.

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