Friday, April 27, 2012

Managing Data and Media in Silverlight

As a Silverlight MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and book lover I tend to have a lot of Silverlight books if not all of them that were ever published. that being said I'd say that this is one that will last a while on my self before it gets archived to the main library. I think the main reason is that it pulls good material from some of the other titles and puts it all into a more relevant reference material. Where before I would have used only parts of any one of those books virtually the entire book as good material in it that is good to have as a reference. No matter if you are doing Silverlight or Windows Phone or even WPF this book is a great reference and is good to have on the shelf. I know a couple of the PACKT books I've been less pleased about due to editing issues more then anything else but this really is probably the best one yet. or on amazon


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