Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Crazy Ones, One More Thing and Apple

I found out today that Steve Jobs has died today. I know over the years I've had a love hate relationship with Apple, some of you know me for my work as a Silverlight MVP drinking the kooliade but in 1996 or so I was sporting my Powerbook 150 and doing some ANSI C in code warrior and waiting for the next edition of Mac Addict in the mail while I would fight with the Mac Toolbox. I still keep that power book on my shelf to remind me of where I started.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, no one was perfect and like most shining stars they were not always fun to work with but Steve Jobs vision for industrial design and out of the box thinking has really changed the world. In my industry with so many smart people coming up with cool stuff all the time, Job's has been in many ways our guiding light, raising the bar and moving civilization forward. Steve knew that it wasn't about what we could do as much as how we can do it with style. His life's work is littered with revolutionary work that has fundamentally broken us out of the box. Even at the big Microsoft Conference BUILD a few weeks ago looking at all the new hardware coming out next year... really it was all inspired by Jobs. He has made us all better and his loss no matter what side of the kooliade your are drinking is lose to us all. He inspired us, he changed us and his mark will forever be felt in the human family. It truly is a sad day when one of our brightest stars passe's and to all those in the community, at Apple and his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we all morn his loss.