Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Native Code On Phone 7

So a friend of mine showed me this article and he tried it and it worked (http://www.futile.com/). In any case he tried it and it works but I'm pretty sure this won't get by the app store... :) In any case here is the article on how this guy got some native code going on phone 7:

Windows Phone 7 & “native” apps, the missing link!


  1. Downloaded 'Hacking Silverlight' for the WM7 - Looks useful on the Code snippets. But the none of Cream Links' work. There is no Hlep on this part of the App, to explain what these are supposed to do

  2. each line item of the silverlight cream links has an icon on the left hand side. touch the icon to launch that silverlight cream post in internet explorer. Also there are some usability updates that I'll post as time permits.