Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silverlight 4 - 3D (ish)

One of the great new features in Silverlight 3 was the ability todo psuedo 3d via what alot of us joke about as 2.5D. things like prespective transforms and the like.

One of my fellow MVP's Einar Ingebrigtsen got a bit zellous (must have been bored) and make this awesome tool kit for 3d (ish) in Silverlight 4. Granted its not native into the platform but honestly I'm not sure I want it built in. To much over head... But using a toolkit likeEinar's Balder really makes it reasonable.

Here is the Sample Browser:

and the code here:

from a ux standpoint I think the kind of visualization work for business is just awesome. Balder should be in everyones tool kit.

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