Wednesday, July 22, 2009

INETA Silverlight 3 User Group Starter Kit

I got sucked into this cool off hours project with Ariel and David Silverlight todo this Silverlight 3 starter kit. Ariels design has been well received and I got the UI built out over the weekend and last night. From a design standpoint its simple and elegant and with the AnimatingCloud panel fun to play with. Screen shots can be found at:

The project is on codeplex but still in the process of wiring up the backend RIA Services, this is a fun engaging project that we hope to see on our home page for our user group shortly.


  1. David,

    I saw the starter kit on code plex and posted a question because I did not see any activity in the last month.

    I'm starting a user group web site with SL3 and was hoping to use the kit and build from there. I am new to EF and I see you guys were going to use it too. Sweet!

    How far are we from getting v1.0 finished or v2.0? Have you thought of a plugin architecture (sp?) yet? How about SL3 controls? I see here are a lot of new ones and I was hoping to use the new treeview control on another small side project.

    I think we need a control that users can paste code snippets into with color coding. I have seen little bit of example of this but no real good shareware controls.

    I'm interested in providing feedback on the kit and helping to improve it too.

    Jerry (VKnight on Code Plex)

  2. well we certainly could use the help. we are all slammed... :) you should be able to post comments on the project and actually if you want to help we could add you to the project.

    Right now you can use a content control for hte cloud panel to pretty much add anything you like to the project.

    We are still pending our designer to build the templates so they can be swapped out and the backend RIA services are not wired up yet either so it depends mostly on config data and RSS feeds etc. There is a proxy provider built in but pretty much can be pointed at any feed you like.

    Anyway we are planning todo alot with this just its finding the time. I have been on vacation 3 of the past 4 weeks and David silverlight has been busy with clients so... that is why you probably haven't seen much activity. Anyway drop me a real email and we can go from there.