Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Silverlight to WPF to Surface... the Saga...

Going from WPF to Surface turns out to be a bit more in the line of code changes expecially in XAML then going from Silverlight to WPF. WPF Simon will run straight up in/on Surface the problem is all the click events are castrated by the Surface Framework as Suface focus's on 'Contacts'. In order these are the kinds of changes I had to make to make 'Surface Simon' playable.

First we couldn't just reference WPF Simon to make the chagnes we needed so I had to copy the code base. Then started with converting the 'Simon' user control to a 'Surface User control' something to the effect of:

<s:SurfaceUserControl x:Class="Simon.Simon" xmlns:s="http://schemas.microsoft.com/surface/2008"

and in the code behind:

using Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.Controls;
using Microsoft.Surface.Presentation;


public partial class Simon : SurfaceUserControl

then next thing I needed todo was swap out the button controls with surface button controls so I could get the contact events like this:

<s:SurfaceButton x:Name="ScoresBtn" Click="ScoresBtnClick" ContactUp="ScoresBtnContactUp" Style="{StaticResource ScoresBtnStyle}" Height="41" Width="34" Content="" Canvas.Left="98.407" Canvas.Top="-6" />

note I could leave the click even there and the new 'ContactUp' event basically just calls the click event like this:

private void NewBtnContactUp(object sender, Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.ContactEventArgs e)
NewBtn_Click(sender, null);

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