Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dictionary Definition of Xaml (verb and noun)

A friend 'Ariel' from www.facingblend.com did a short post about Xaml being a verb. I've heard this a few times and thought this was cool to see it in print for the first time :)

Check the post out here:
Alternative uses for XAML

I also saw another post by a guy at MS Rob Relyea did a quick post references the first one. In Robs Post (http://blogs.windowsclient.net/rob_relyea/archive/2009/04/10/to-xaml-a-verb.aspx) he mentions a need for a definition so I'd like to offer a definition of Xaml including it as a verb and noun:

Xaml \Za - mul\

Etymology: Modern Technical Term English

Noun 1. Extensible Application Markup Language. Developed by Microsoft as a UI application Xml (Schema) based markup language designed to model application user interfaces suing a series or set of 'tags' as defined by the Xaml Schema of which there are a number of schemas depending on environment ie: WPF v.s. Silverlight.

Verb 1. The action or process of converting a visual asset or visualization into a Xaml(noun) based format for consumption in WPF/Silverlight related environements or tools. ex: I'm going to Xaml this image for you.