Friday, October 31, 2008

Sparkling Client

I went to a MSDN presentation on Silverlight yesterday and found that this guy Erik Mork was doing the presentation. I found I like his presentation style and found it entertaining probably as it is similiar to my style with lots of hand jestures :) What suprised me is at the end he was talking about local resources and put up the Sd2ig url for our local Seattle User Group (Seattle Developer / Designer Interactive Group) so I was suprised and after wards went up and introduced my self. I found out he is friends with Brian a local Silverlight Developer that is part of the group starting Sd2ig. I thought this was all cool so I went and checked out Eriks site which I found was pretty cool. He does pod casts and is part of the Silverlight Tour. I hope to see him around :)

his site is: